SET UP GStreamer on Android

I haven´t could set up GStreamer APK in my cellphone… Could you help me?

Hi! Could you please specify what exactly was the problem (add screenshots maybe) ?

Am I doing it well? or Something is missing?

Please describe what you’re doing step by step - what commands do you run in the console, how the devices are connected (over wifi?) etc.

I follow the steps that appears on the page ( ), but it doesn´t work… Could you give another guide or some instructions how can I do it, or any video?.. All over Wi-Fi… Next I want to do it with telemetry. Thanks…


You can use QGroundControl on your device to process incoming video stream.

  • install QGroundControl for Android
  • check out IP of your device
  • run ArduPilot using the IP you just found out
  • run QGroundControl on Android device
  • launch video streaming on Raspberry

The video preview will appear in left bottom corner of QGC application. Tap it to run fullscreen mode.

We will update this section in our docs ASAP

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I already did it and works perfectly! This APP works much better than the other…

Can I do it with TELEMETRY, removing Wi-Fi, without UDP…? Is it possible?

This is my telemetry set:

You cannot transfer video over a telemetry radio, it’s data rate is way too low for this.