Set up base station to provide users raw data over internet for post process

I would like to set up my own base station using the emlid reach so that anyone can access data over the internet via their computer to download rinex/ubx data so that they can use it for post process at anytime.

I’m thinking of two methods:
-Write a small bash script to let users be able to ssh into my base emlid reach to download data.
-Run a socket server on my emlid base all the time and a socket client for people to download my base station data.
Is there any better/easier way to do something like this?

I also have another question. Is it possible to get very recent (within the last 10 minutes) precise satellite ephemeris data. Can slightly older data be used. Right now I have to wait a day for precise ephemeris data from the website I’m using. For broadcast I don’t have to include any file so this is not a problem I assume? But from my test it’s alot less accurate.

I would configure some kind of an FTP server and create a job on Reach to upload the logs to this server every X hours

Depends on the service, but I haven’t really heard of something so immediate. Several hours, maybe.

Thanks Egor. So you wouldn’t advise letting people downloading directly from the reach while it is writing to the .UBX file? I would really like to have as less down time as possible where people need to wait for new data.

If you let the public access your reach, there is more chance of overloading it and causing problems for you. This is why it is better for you to upload the logs or send the stream to a server. Then let the public access the server.

I wouldn’t think Reach is hardened for exposure to the public Internet. You might invite hackers, and if they gain control of your Reach that would not be good. So if you do expose Reach to the Internet, then limit the accessible ports to the bare minimum and don’t give out ssh or ftp access to people unless their account privileges are properly restricted.

So, the word of the day is caution. Can you do it? Yes. Should you do it? No.

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