Set up base manually

Hello! I want to know if it is important to put in height tab correct numbers, if I am not interested in height? (I am only interested in lat and long).

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If your averaging in it does not matter at all, the device will find the height of the antenna. Also you will be only somewhat close to absolute accuracy.

The height box is more if you are given fixed coordinates of a known spot. Then its used to tell the Emlid how high your antenna phase center is above the benchmark.

This will effect accuracy, but one of the surveyors would know better how much. Your base setup depends highly on if you need absolute accuracy to the planet, or relative accuracy to your own measurements, and if repeatability is required.

I am not averaging. I want to insert base coordinates manualy. I know longitude and latitude from the map, but I don’t know height. But I am not interested in height at all. I want to know is that if I put incorrect height will it affect in something?

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Agree… seems for accurate calculations, that all 3 known dimensions would be required? If the height is way off or nothing provided, wouldn’t it affect the horizontal calculations also? Or can just the LAT LON be supplied without vertical height? i.e. the ellipsoid height.

I think this would be good needed clarification that should be added to the DOCS some time.

Hi @Giorgi_Shatirishvili,

I can hardly tell you the exact value by which the longitude and latitude will change if you leave the zero altitude. All calculations are related to each other. That’s why it’s hard to predict how it affects the results.

If you don’t know the height for your point, you can define it in Average Fix mode to avoid errors.

Thank you. I don’t have avarage fix mode. But I usually get avarage single mode. I use height from this mode and than insert coordinates manually

Hi @Giorgi_Shatirishvili,

You can use the same workflow for the Average Single mode.

You can average the coordinates in a Fix if you provide the receiver with the corrections. For example, you can connect your base to NTRIP and get the coordinates. In that case, you’ll also get absolute accuracy.