Servo motor does not work when arducopter is on

Hello there

While the Arducopter is on, the servo motor does not work. A warning is displayed on the screen: “Stop the Arducopter”. When the arducopter is stopped, the servo motor works. What is the cause of the problem, how can I run the servo motor while the Arducopter is on?


Hi Ramazan,

What do you do to run the servos? Do you have some script that launches those servos?

Hi Liudmila,

Yes, we have a scenario. We want to run the servo motor while detecting objects with opencv. So, for example, when it detects a tree, the servo motor starts.

Hi Ramazan,

It appears that your scripts won’t work when the ArduPilot software is running. Those are using the same resources to operate. Simultaneous use can lead to conflicts and distort values.

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