Servo motor configuration

I am a beginner and I really need help. I have read the documentation but I am still stuck at the same level. I am trying to build a single engine rc airplane using navio2.
In fact I don’t know how to control the servo motors, I don’t know if there is a rule to follow when connecting the servo motors to the navio, I don’t know either how to make the navio understand which servo motors are for the ailerons and which servo motors are for the flaps…
I connected to mission planner via telemetry but I don’t see where to configure the servo motors

Hi @NACA0012,

Let’s see how I can help you here.

We have this example of the Plane setup in our guide should provide a hint of possible hardware configurations. From your photo, it looks like everything connected correctly.

So, you need to select a suitable flight mode to control the plane. Flight modes are controlled through the RC transmitter, commands from a mission, and the commands from Mission Planner. To learn more about the flight modes, please check this guide.

I believe Choosing Servo Functions guide is the one you’re looking for :slightly_smiling_face:.

As general advice, I suggest you go through all the First Time Setup and First Flight guides as they contain tons of helpful information.

Okay, thanks, I’ll explore your suggestions. But I noticed that the voltage of the output servo rail of the navio is much lower than the operating voltage of the servo motors. So I’m wondering if I should power the servo motors through the navio output servo rail.

As mentionned in the documentation… Read, read again, and report feedback.

Thanks guys I saw on the documentation some solutions to my problems. But I still have a problem to power my servo motors, the servo rail of the navio output barely 1V while the servo motors need 4.8-6V to work. How to do it then ? Put a 5V voltage on the navio servo rail or use an external source to power them ?

Sorry I just saw the solution on documentation.
@mlebret you are right. Read , read again. :v:

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