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I’m using an instrument that requires NMEA serial output but only the GGA string to avoid latency issues. Is this possible with Reach RS2 to restrict to only GGA?

Also - is there a diagram of the pin outputs?

Thank you!

Currently sentence selection is unavailable.

Also what talker code is required? GPGGA or GNGGA?

Emlid does have this on their to do list but there is no eta.

I was able to do what you are requesting with additional hardware using a shipmodul multiplexer.

Emlid to EZ Guide 150

Everything is documented in this thread.

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Hi Dave,

@PotatoFarmer is right: Reach RS2 can’t output specific NMEA messages. However, the feature is in our roadmap.

Alternatively, you can output the NMEA stream to a third-party board, parse it there, and feed the data to your controller, just as @PotatoFarmer has pointed out in his thread.

The pinout of the external connector is available in our docs.


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