Serial number truncated

I noticed that serial number shown in emlid flow and emlid panel is truncated compared to the one printed on the paper label and the barcode. (4 digits are missing, only 16 are shown out of 20).
Is it an intended behavior ? And is there is any other way to retrieve the serial number ?

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Hi @Ksalf,

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The serial number in Emlid Flow and Reach Panel is indeed shorter that the full serial number that you get from the QR code (RS2/RS2+ or RX) or under the barcode (RS/RS+, M2/M+). These are all the ways you can check the serial number. Usually, the full serial number is needed when you troubleshoot sophisticated issues with us. But the shorter version from Emlid Flow is valid too since it contains the symbols that are unique for each receiver.

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We will use it for the identification of our devices. Therefore, the serial number in Emlid Flow will fit our need. Thank you for your answer !


You’re very welcome!