Serial input base corrections broke after a firmware upgrade


I had working configuration for many years with pair of Reach Module (old Intel Edison version) and LoRa transceivers connected to serial interface.

A month ago I have upgraded to version 28.4 (last available upgrade for Reach Module) using Reach Firmware Flash Tool in preparation for the next project.

After the upgrade base correction from radio become unavalable.
Unfortunately I don’t remember which version were installed before upgrade, but it was something old between 2.16 and 2.24 (at least I remember it was 2.x) .

Symptoms are very similar to ones that were described in the topic Reach Base Rover corrections UART baud issue
Main symptom is that after enable serial correction input at Rover it may receive (and may not) couple of correction messages, next reach shows base station satelite gray bars and lost connection after some time (age of differential is growing to 30-40 seconds before bars are disappear)
I see base station is sending correction messages and I can read these messages on LoRa receiver if i connect it directly to PC.
I even tried to use serial cross-over cable between modules to eliminate possible problems with radio (thank to terry.jones for the idea) but no luck. Same result at different baud rates, Rover receives couple of messages and lost connection.

Description of hardware setup

  1. Pair of Reach Module
  2. Reach Firmware 28.4-r0
  3. LoRa SX1278 transceivers, serial baud rate is 57600
  4. Air speed 19200, it is enough to send important messages at frequency 1Hz

I whould like to try firmware downgrade to old stable version and back my hardware to working state again.
Which version should I try? Where can I download it? Are there specific instructions for firmware downgrade?
Thanks in advance

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Hi Andrey,

We recommend working with the latest available firmware version since it contains all the features and improvements. As I see, everything worked fine with a 57600 baud rate in a similar setup in the thread you linked. Let’s investigate what is going on in your case.

Please do the following test:

  1. Provide both receivers with a clear sky view.
  2. Configure the receivers for base and rover setup. Make sure you set the proper position for your base in the Base settings tab.
  3. Record 10–15 minute logs. We will need:
  • UBX raw data log from the base
  • UBX raw data log from the rover
  • RTCM3 correction log from the rover
  • LLH position log from the rover
  1. Generate full system report on both the base and the rover and send all the data to me.

We’re already in touch via email. You can share all the files there to keep the data private.

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