Serbian datums

Hi guys,

I will have some jobs that requires that I must use SRB_VRS12
Is there any method or workaround this, because apparently RV3 doesn’t support vertical datums for Serbia?


Hi @vlad,

The SRB_VRS12 height indeed isn’t supported in the ReachView 3 app. We’ll note your request, thanks!

If you know a software that supports SRB_VRS12, you can consider integrating your Reach with it. For Android, you can get Reach coordinates in 3rd-party apps using the Mock location feature.

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It will be nice to have an update on ReachView 3 regarding this issue. Thank you.

Hi @vlad,

I’ve checked that we don’t have the SRB_VRS12 height implementation in our current plans. Still, thanks for asking! Such questions help us see the most requested coordinate systems and vertical datums :slight_smile:

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