Sensor Angle with emlid m2 or rs++

Can i add to Emlid m2 angle sensor?
Like this

Only if you write software on a separate microcontroller to interpret and fuse the position and roll angle data into a corrected position.

If this is for AgOpenGPS, using a Bno080 works by just wiring it to the V2 board.

Hi Nykodym,

I’m afraid it’s not possible to connect an angle sensor because our receivers can’t obtain such data. However, all our receivers can transmit their position. So, if this Axis Sensor can record data, you can organize position output from our receiver to this sensor. Or, as @PotatoFarmer wrote, you could record this data separately and merge it. I believe some of our users may be able to share their experiences on how to do it.

Can you tell us more about what you want to use our receiver and angle sensor together?

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i whant work as land survey and measure corner of building, but my antenna have diameter 170mm.
Thank you for your answers.

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Could you take a meter stick and measure offset from the building, then subtract it off your final answer? How accurate do you need to be? Do you or another person need to measure it again in the future?

Have you read up on local and world datum systems, and how that affects your coordinates with time, or in relation to your base station?

Hi Nykodym,

I can hardly advise the exact way to get data from such a sensor. I believe adding a feature like tilt compensation would be useful in cases like yours. So, it’s something that we keep in mind for the future.

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