Sending solutions to windows with bluetooth

Does anybody have any experience with connecting reach to a computer true bluetooth?

I think I’m able to pair with the my laptop (btw I tried both my laptops bluetooth as a USB bluetooth adaptor).
The pair request reaches my computer and when I accept windows succesfulyl installs some drivers (the first time).

I then set Solution output 1 to bluetooth and NMEA and start in rover mode.

But then I fail to see any data comming in. I tried with the build-in GPS-logger of QGIS, but can’t find any GPS…

Any tips ?

BT to Windows does not work at the moment, only to Android. Ethernet over USB (RNDIS) or Wi-Fi would be the best options for now.

Are you sure?
I read a lot on this forum and found some clues that some people got it working;

Like this guy: Necessary a Com port to comunicate with other Windows softwares!

There’s also a topic on this forum with somebody from Emlid claiming the BT connnection is not made for android only, and that there should not be a difference between connecting to android/windows…

Or are you saying it doesnt work on windows but does on linux or something?


I got it providing position to my iPhone …