Sending NMEA 2000 into a tractor's CANbus

I’m curious if it is possible for the Reach RS+ to output NMEA 2000 data to a tractor’s CANbus. Has anyone done this? Would you need a NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 converter such as the Actisense to make this work.

I’m asking this because I’m trying out Climate Fieldview Drive which essentially a bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the tractor’s J1939 9 pin diagnostic port. My tractor has the port but I’m using a Reach RS+ as a GPS receiver so there is currently no GPS information on the CANbus for the Climate Fieldview puck to transmit. Any information that Climate Fieldview could provide without the GPS data is pretty worthless to the farmer.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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@wilberttalen, it’s not possible to do right out of the box.
However, as you mentioned right, you can use NMEA0183 to NMEA2000 converter.
We’ve some threads on the forum with similar workflows.

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Thanks is this because NMEA 2000 requires approval/certification from NMEA?

Reach doesn’t have hardware part for NMEA 2000 inside so it’s impossible to work without converter.

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