Sending commands to Ardupilot locally


I would like to run OpenCV on the same Raspberry Pi that Ardupilot is running on. Is it possible to send commands to Ardupilot locally rather than doing the computation and sending commands from the ground station?

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Hi @quaxton,

I apologize for the delayed response!

Would you mind elaborating on what you’d like to achieve? Have you had an opportunity to check out our guide on how to configure ROS on Navio2?

Hi @polina.buriak,

I would like to do some computer vision processing (ie object detection) on the Raspberry Pi that Navio2 is attached to.

Is it possible to send commands to Ardupilot from the Raspberry Pi that it’s running on? I see a lot of examples documenting how to do processing on a ground station and then sending commands to Ardupilot via mavlink (ie with Pixhawk controllers) . Instead of a ground station sending commands, I want to do it locally.

Hi @quaxton,

If you intend to use ArduPilot, I’d suggest taking a look at DroneKit.

DroneKit allows you to create apps and communicate with the ArduPilot flight controller using a low-latency link. You can run it on the same Raspberry as ArduPilot.

Also, you can check out examples that show how to work with Navio’s onboard devices using C++ and Python.