Sending commands from Server to RPI2 to Navio2

I’m currently starting my first quadcopter build and I have chosen the Navio2. I plan to take it a step further and install a server on the RPI2 that will listen to input from a front-end client like a website. It will then take these commands and turn it into ouputs that will act as inputs to the Navio2 flight controller. I have a few questions, hopefully someone in this community can help:

  1. Is it still possible to install a server on the Emlid Raspbian image? I’m planning on using NodeJS, I’m guessing it is but just want to make sure.

  2. How do I access and manipulate the inputs going into the Navio2 from RPI2? I basically won’t be using my radio system but will still have it on standby.

Emlid Raspbian is no different from a stock Raspbian in this regard. You can do on ours whatever you could do on the latter one. The former’s been cooked to make your experience with Navio easier.

There’s two options that we usually recommend: ROS and dronekit. I suggest you looking into those.

I doubt you’ll need a server on the Raspberry itself, though. Either way, I think you’ll need to read the forum and our docs first!

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