Send commands to navio2 directly from the rpi

Hello! I wondering how i could send controls directly from the rpi. I will have a program that will filter the user commands and generate a automatic control based on sensors without a ground station.

Thanks a lot

Hi Bruno,

Have a look at our code examples.

Thanks Igor… if I understood well, I need to input my code in arducopter and recompile it. Is it?


If you intend to use Arducopter, you should do it differently. Have a look at DroneKit.

It looks amazing Igor. But when I told you about using arducopter, I mean I intend to use the navio2 arducopter version in rpi. As I could check out the examples, Seems not to be too difficult inputting my code in the “arducopter navio2 version”, maybe creating a new flight mode. The dronekit solution looks good when accessing another autopilot as Pixhawk. Or is it better using the latter solution even when running in rpi + navio2? Did I understand correctly? Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks so much for your help.

You can actually run dronekit on the same Raspberry as arducopter.

Thanks Igor! I will give it a try