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If i lose my RS2 or RS+, is there a way emlid can help me to track its location, or is there other means i can use .

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I would be willing to pay a small subscription fee if a receiver registered in my name “logged on” to the Emlid network and reported to me with position data.


This is one of the oddest things about the professional GNSS gear. How can I have even an $15K receiver and not be able to locate it? Our ownership really wants to know this. We have 28 Topcon receivers in the field as well as various hardware for machine control. Machine control can be tracked if you buy the software and licensing but receivers, nada.


Emlid has been real game-changer in the GNSS industry.
Including this vital feature would create a real quake


Select send gga to Ntrip provider, the setting for vrs.

Use your own Ntrip and code a filter to record incoming GGA messages.

I know you can see the base from the rover due to the arp message.

To bad you could not do the reverse as well with send gga.

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A decent work-around - however, assuming it is stolen and the thief/recipient knows what he is doing, wouldn’t he change these settings prior to use?
Also, wouldn’t this work only if the user connected specifically to your NTRIP?

They would have to power it up and navigate directly to the Ntrip page fast.

You do not need a fix to find what you are looking for you only need to know the backyard its in.

I do not think thieves steal gps units because they are smart or have a plan, they walk away with you base because its not bolted down and they just happen to be there.

They would steal garden gnomes too if they could get decent pawn on them.


Hi guys,

I agree this feature could be handy in such situations. But at the moment, there’s no specific way to check the device’s location remotely, so I can only recommend preventive measures. For instance, you can use the Night mode to make your receiver less visible in the dark.


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