Scripting of RTKLIB

Dear List

I am looking for a way to script the conversion and the post-processing of base- and rover-ubx files.

Is there a Python binding, or other API, available for automation?

Looking forward to any hints,


I think a set of bash/zsh scripts could do the job with no hassle.

Hi Egor

Thank you very much for the quick replay.

Perhaps I am on the wrong track:
I am using the workflow described here
and the two binaries rtkconv_emlid_b27.exe and rtkpost_emlid_b27.exe for the processing. I am using the camera trigger signal to mark the precise position of the camera locations.

I was not able to start the binaries rtkconv_emlid_b27.exe and rtkpost_emlid_b27.exe using the command line options. It only opened the application, but wasn’t neither processing nor setting new parameters.

Any hints about it?


Those are the GUI apps, they are not easily scriptable. RTKLIB provides command line utilities convbin and rnx2rtkp. You will need to build them from source, using our RTKLIB fork on branch ‘reach’.

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