Scrapping Tuffwing, looking at Metta

Hi guys,
I ordered the Tuffwing and would not recommend it:

  1. No backup support, I emailed multiple times, no reply.
  2. The antenna position reduced the number of satellites my drone GPS could use, so sometimes could not take off.
  3. Depending on what the drone was doing, the collision avoidance system would be kicked off by the antenna running up between the sensors.
  4. I’m not sure if this is specifically about Tuffwing, but I’m getting a lot of interference which is causing lack of PPK fix. Recommendations to remedy it include wrapping the reach in aluminium foil and changing antenna to the helical.
  5. Finally, the Tuffwing recommendation for the antenna wasn’t up to snuff, I should’ve gotten a helical GNSS antenna.

With all that in mind, I’m now looking at the Metta Technologies kit:

  1. It’s antenna placement is offset to the side, so it shouldn’t disrupt the onboard GPS.
  2. The kit comes with an adaptor for the helical antenna.
  3. Uses a standalone Reach M+, which I already have.
  4. Its powered by the drone, but I will buy the optional battery pack to avoid hassles in post processing.

I do have a few questions, which I hope you can answer, I’m trying to keep this post as pointed as possible for future searchers.

  1. What is the best helical antenna I can buy for this kit? The HC771 Tallysman has been previously recommended, Metta don’t make a recommendation.
  2. There appears to be a loose wire out the front of the drone, does this cause a collision warning?
  3. Has anyone had any interference issues with this setup?

Any further information would be great.


EDIT: I have a Phantom 4 Pro V2

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Michael with Chasco recommended the HC771. I use the HC871 for my Lidar unit and they are good helical antennas. When flying with the Tuffwing kit, you either have to completely secure the wires, or completely disable obstacle avoidance. If you are mapping, you most likely don’t need it. Disabling the OA will get rid of any sensor problems.

There should be no interference issues. If you get the HC771 ($139 usd) then you should be in good shape. I am not familiar with the Metta kit.

Hi Joe,

We’ve never worked with either one of them. But we also don’t recommend such solutions. Reach is supposed to be integrated with drones via a camera’s hot-shoe. DJI Phantom’s camera doesn’t provide this access. So, we can’t guarantee Reach will work properly in this hardware setup.

Brian from Tuffwing got back to me RE interference.
‘SnapPPK only works with Reach M, not M Plus. M Plus uses more current than Reach M. I assume voltage is dropping during the flight. I have not been able to find a suitable power supply for the M Plus’
At least I know now.

Update: he got it wrong.
Its the M2 that he doesn’t support.

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