SBUS read failsafe state

Dear Navio2 Forum

I am wondering if its possible to read the state of the sbus failsafe bit with the Navio RCIO driver.
From the python and c++ example code I could only learn how to read the normal channels.
I did not manage to find anything in the docs neither in old forum post here.

I am interested to access the sbus “flags” bit as described in the sbus protocol:

This information should basically be contained in the byte that is sent after the channel data and before the end byte of each sbus string.

I am using the receiver futaba 7008sb


Any news on this topic?


You cannot do this with the current driver version.
However, this is possible. We’ve added this in our TODO list.

Thanks for reporting the issue!

Hi Nikita

Thanks a lot for your answer. Can you indicate any roadmap when the feature will be available?


Damian Aregger
Control & Automation Engineer
TwingTec AG

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