SBUS injected RSSI on Channel 9 into Navio2, No RSSI in Mission Planner

It is necessary to provide following information to get help:

I’m running ArduCopter 3.4.4. My receiver is a OpenLRSng Brotronics 433MHz unit that outputs SBUS. The receiver also enables me to inject the receiver’s RSSI as a PWM value onto one of the channels output through SBUS. I set it up to output RSSI on channel 9. All of the flight control functions work well over SBUS from this receiver.

Then I set the ArduCopter parameters list to look for RSSI on channel 9. I tried the many variables in the RSSI parameters but none of them result in actually displaying the RSSI on the Mission Planner HUD. I checked the RSSI box in the user parameters as well.

Please explain any additional or other configuration required.



First off, you can try to look at raw values. Either in Mission Planner Radio Calibration tab, via sysfs (cat /sys/class/rcio/rcin/ch8) or with our examples (RCIN is the one you need). You need to check if there’s really any output on the channel.


I think I found the answer - In user items I checked “rssi” instead of “rxrssi.” After I changed it to rxrssi it works.

I can see channel 9 going from 1000 to 2000us in ch9in.

I have a new problem: The complete list of parameters is no longer present on my Config/Tuning screen. Is there a setting to put it there?