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Why some of my RINEX contain information from SBAS another one does not? Can I do something to always have SBAS? I assume SBAS improve position, right?
Is there any option know about that before converting ubx to rinex?


You may want to do a Sky View to see which SBAS satellites are visible from your location. There are only a few visible from most locations and some locations do not have any visible.

It is possible that you may have the SBAS satellites at low elevation angles or being blocked by obstacles.

I usually get SBAS files from my Rover 100% of the time because I have good view of three satellites. Try some of the online sites to check for your area. Good luck…

By choosing a location with great sky view, your base will get almost all messages.
Unfortunately, the rover must often occupy a point in a substandard location, and so it will receive less messages due to obstructions associated with the substandard location.

For example, at my latitude, the SBAS satellites are close to the horizon. This means they will be most affected by obstacles such as rising terrain, vegetation, and buildings.

In most cases, extending the occupation time of the rover will allow those obstructed satellites to eventually come into view due to their pattern of orbit. The exception to this is the SBAS satellites. They are geostationary, which means the only way to get more SBAS messages is to relocate the rover to a position where the SBAS satellites are not obstructed.

…in other words, exactly what @RickJ said, but a little more verbose. :wink:

Thank you @RickJ and @bide, both answer was helpful.

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