I was using a Satellite Predictor last few days. I noticed 3 SBAS satellites just stationary the whole time. Central USA.

Today, they are gone.

Just curious about what SBAS satellites are and why they seem different than say the other like GPS, GLONASS etc.



I am interested in hearing the really smart person’s answer to this as well. From what I have learned SBAS satellites are different. They are regional and apparently pretty much stay in a constant relational position to their region. I heard a tip to remember them as bas(e) stations in the sky as they are transmitting corrections about other systems. I think, LOL.


That is what i also understand. In the USA, they can be included with GPS to help obtain a fix, so when SBAS is available, best to select them also in conjunction with GPS.

For awhile, I was under the impression, being in the the central USA, that couldn’t use China’s BEIDOU? Not sure how i arrived at that a year ago or so? But i am finding i can switch back and forth with BEIDOU and GLONASS to get a fast fix depending on which has more sats and good sat configuration in skyplot.

I noticed the other day, i think it was bides screenshot of SNR and it had BOTH GLONASS AND BEIDOU selected at the same time… that must be the RS2! ; )

Speaking of that “really smart person”… he must be busy doing more RS2 testing? Hmm… that could be a few smart people? ; ) Thanks guys for all the great help you provide here… you know who you are!

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Weird, about 11:30 PM CST. The 3 SBAS satellites are back after a few hours noticed.

Maybe its their server. It doesn’t use the built-in smartphone GPS/GLONASS. (NEC GNSS View app)

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