SBAS in Australia for RS+

Hi, I am looking at purchasing a Reach RS+ and I would like to use it with SBAS in Australia. Is the receiver ready to use SBAS out of the box or is there some setup parameters that need to be performed?
Has anybody used SBAS in Australia with the RS+?

It is ready to receive sbas, but won’t use it out of the box for dgps, if that is what you mean.
That can only done through post-processing.

The RS+ was designed as a RTK unit, so the meter precision given by DGPS alone isn’t really useful for rtk application. However, having sbas contribute to the total amount of sats in view is useful for rtk.

Thanks, I was after a real time sub meter DGPS solution that didn’t require post-processing or a subscription to the local CORS network.

Nowadays, most phones using location services (i.e. iPhones) will be more or less the same as dgps.


The Australia and New Zealand SABS test-bed is under operation. With realtime satellite orbital, clock and ionosperic corrections, a single receiver can reach meter level accuracy or better. All corrections are broadcast by geostationary satellite. So, the key is the software can perform real-time computation.

Hi John, Do you know of any software which will perform the correction in real time?
Thanks, Luke

I haven’t use any software supporting real time corrections. The conventional SBAS can meet the accuracy of meter or submeter level, it’s thus not used in precise surveying. However, the Australian SBAS also support real time PPP by using GPS and Galileo, which can reach the accuray of tens of centimeters. If you want to perform post-processing, the RTKLIB is a good option.

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