SBAS and Reach M+

I would like use M+ as a rover with using SBAS. In specification is write that M+ support SBAS. Is it possible used it as a rover correction? If yes, what is the accuracy when I will use RTK with SBAS?

SBAS is not used for RTK, can only be used for post-processing (you’ll get a Q=6 in RTKLib when used)


Hi @solinko,

Agree with Christian. Reach M+ can track the SBAS satellite system. However, it doesn’t work with its corrections. So the standalone accuracy of the unit without base corrections in RTK is a few meters.


Its fully worth the money to get a second unit for RTK.

SBAS (WAAS) is very aggravating especially with L1 gnss.

RTK eliminates time drift that WAAS has
RTK is repeatable…. forever (if base coordinates and mount point never change)
RTK is accurate
RTK handles solar weather / the weather better than WAAS
RTK makes straight lines steering, WAAS makes wavy lines


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