Saving the log or points from RS2+ on smartphone memory

I am using RS2+ and I would like to save rinex log file (or file from measurements) locally on smartphone internal memory or micro sd card. After clicking on download I can only select android applications. How to just save the file on smartphone memory.

Hi !

I usually advice to users to install a file manager app alongside Emlid Flow, such as File Manager Plus, that you can find on the Google Play Store. Once installed, it will pop up in the proposed apps when you download the RINEX log from the receiver memory, and you will be able to save it locally.


I will check this but I think my file manager doesn’t show in apps which I can send the file from Flow app.

On my Android phone, the native file manager does not show up either. But installing a third-party one does work. Let me know :smiley:

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I tried open source app Amaze File Explorer and it saved empty files. Next I tried “FX File Explorer” and it’s working ! Thanks for help.

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Hi guys,

Glad to see that everything works fine now. Florian, thanks for your help!

In general, the available options for log saving depend on your mobile phone. I also use File Manager Plus on my Android, and it works ok. So if you face such an issue, try different file manager apps. It should help :slight_smile: