Saving nmea log data

I have an RS2 module, with Ntrip corrections via a national provider.
An external hardware can combine GPS position from any unit, during post process. The requirement is to provide the software GGA and GST nmea strings, at 1Hz.
Is there a way to save this log data from my RS2?

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Hello ! Sure there is a way.

Assuming you’re in firmware version 30.
When connected to your RS2, go to Emlid Flow app > Receivers > Logging > click on the parameters icon > Show configuration > set 1 s interval

Then activate the Position track and select format NMEA > click on Apply

And click on start recording.

Stop recording at the end of the session.
The file is put in the archives list at the bottom of the page. Download it from here.

And then in this file, oh miracle :slight_smile: you have the GGA and GST sentences available



Hi Massimo,

There’s no much I can add to detailed and clear @Florian’s response. @Florian, thank you for that!

Don’t hesitate to create a new thread if any other questions arise.

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