Saved Collected RTK Points with NTRIP Disappeared

This was an intricate set up that was working until something went wrong.

I’ll try to explain the best I can.

We were using 2 Rovers (R1 and R2) and 2 cell phones as Data-collectors (T1 and T2). The Rovers were always no more than 15’ feet apart (since we needed to stay close to the internet source, my cell phone T1).
Cell phone T1 was connected to rover R1 and used a Hotspot for Rovers R1and R2 for their NTRIP corrections.
Cell phone T1 was also used as a hotspot for cell phone T2 in order for T2 to connect to rover R2.
T1 and T2 were connected to Emlid Flow under the same account but using different Projects so one collector would not interfere with the other.

T1 collected the shots using Rover R1 and every time Emlid Flow would say “Saved” and the shots would appear in the map. A total of 2200 points.

Cell phone T2 collected the shots using Rover R2 and every time Emlid Flow would say “Saved” but the points would not show on the map and it would lagged to update our position as we moved thru the field.

Now, the issue is that out of the 2000 plus shots we collected on T2 I can only see 922, I’m missing half of the points.

The points on T1 are all there.

What could be the issue? I realize that I’m maybe asking to much of my Cell Phone Wifi sharing capacity (2 NTRIPS and 2 Cell phone to connect to 2 Rovers)

Were do the Collected points live? Do they get stored in the Data Collector, in Emlid Flow, do they go via internet to Emlid Flow 360?

Is there a way to recover those missing points?


Hi @ReachableCAD,

We’re in contact with you via email. I suggest continuing there to keep the conversation in one place. Thank you!