Save Waypoint in RTKPLOT not working

I am trying to view some basic results.

I collected some data with one Reach in single mode. I processed it in RTKCONV in u-blox format. I used RTKPOST and directed to Rinex file and .nav file and plotted my Gnd Trk. Now I want to export these results to a format I am used to using - shapefile or kml.

I was successful with my last test with converting the .gpx file to kml on an website. Then converting from kml to shapefile in ArcMap.

Today I cannot generate a kml file and i have no idea if my .gpx file is valid. Can I convert to a simple text file with xyz coordinates?


I think I realized that I can create the kml file using the feature in RTKPOST, not with a Save Waypoint in RTKPLOT.

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its taken me about 3 hours to find this out - thanks