Save RTCM3 for future PPK and more


I would like to know, if it’s possible to store my emlid reach RS correction on a server, real time or every 24 hours, in UBX or RINEX format, for my PPK flights?

Or is this something that need to be done manually? Launch the log, stop them before they are full, download them and start the log again.

Also I would like to know how to merge the log from two RS+ in case I am doing a long flight and I have two RS+ 15km from each other.



Hi @mathon.benjamin,

You can download the raw data log only manually, using the ReachView app. I hardly can provide you with any service that supports the corrections data collection. Concerning Reach, it can output corrections in RTCM3 format.

I’m afraid you can’t simply merge the logs from different bases and use it for PPK mapping. While post-processing in RTKLib, the base position is used. However, I believe that you can post-process the logs separately and merge the events that you will get as a result.

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