Save point of BASE location with survey?

This is probably simple, but can this be done in case my BASE’S position is disturbed at a later date of return to set back on?


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There are 3 other similar requests:

Feature Request: Base station coordinates in export - i.e. have the base coordinates in the survey export.

Feature Request - Base Location Height - i.e. Save the base location to the base device.

Both of these have been marked as possible and may appear in the future.

And the other: Base Coord


So what do y’all normally do? Just write the coords of the base down?

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I write down or screen shot. After being lazy on a few projects I have decided if I am running base and will PPK to an absolute position to always put a marker in the ground regardless of whether I think I will return or not (like yesterday…)

I thought I have seen it appear in one of the logs but I can’t reproduce it right now…

How do you plan to return to your base position? Are you receiving corrections from somewhere else :thinking:

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Typically within a few days. Could be more. No corrections form elsewhere, just from the BASE.

Good ideas, thank you @RTK_Hunter Will have to look into the logs you mentioned.

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We usually screenshot as part of our process. Make it part of your setup routine and do it while standing next to the base station as soon as the rover has a fix.

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Maybe I am a bit confused but if your base position was moved or destroyed how would you accurately (RTK) your way back to that position if you no longer have a known base point?

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