Satel Easy Pro cable to RS2+

I’d like to see if there is a ready made cable to connect a Satel Easy Pro radio, to an RS2+ so that I can use the RS2+ as a base station for Leica gs14-18 Rovers. Also, if there are any other nuanced things I should know about before attempting this. I believe this should work, so long as I’m able to get the two pieces of hardware connected.

The pinout for the Satel Radio looks like this:

Is there a cable available for this? If not, can anyone direct me to what I would need to cobble one together?

Thanks in advance!


You can connect the Satel Easy Pro via an External bottom connector and stream corrections using the RS-232 serial communication protocol.

Here’s the pinout for our RS232 port.

As I see from this user guide, here is the list of cables and adapters for your radio.

To add to Ruths reply, yes there are two cables available that when combined end to end should work for you.

Emlid Lemo 9 pin to DB9 MaleFemale DB9 to ODU 8 pin Satel

The Male cable in the pinout diagram provided by Ruth is the one you want from Emlid. I have a couple and they are very well made. Be careful not to inadvertently order the alternative Female or No connector versions (unless you want to fit your own Male DB9).

For the other, big name OEM cables can be horrendously expensive however there are generally aftermarket cables available at much lower cost that are still well made if you look around.

It’s pretty standard stuff what you are doing, the various cables are interoperable and I’ve used aftermarket cables for Trimble 7 pin and Pacific Crest 5 pin radios with no problems. The common connection is the DB9 Male/Female.

Note if you do get any quirky RS232 issues look at disabling the Satel side CTS & RTS flow control signals. These are not normally used or even available (including by Emlid) on the assumption your data rate doesn’t exceed the transmission rate. In the Satel it appears you can disable them in settings - Handshaking.

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