Sanity Check on Workflow

Ive been developing my workflow over the lastweek or so. RIght now im doing only GCPs for aerial mapping. So im not doing any type of legal work and while i need good GCPs they dont need mm accracy but 5m erorr is appsolutle location is too much. Bascily I want it as accruate as posible with out going overboard.

Step 1. Setup Base Unit using GPS+GAL+SBAS at 14Hz, Ill be logging the RAW data for the base only in hour intervals.
Step 2. Average locaiton for 15 minutes and record Base locaiton point manaually.
Step 3. Setup the Rover in Kinematic Mode talking on LoRa at 18kbs,
Step 4. Turn on 1002, 1006, 1019, 1097 and 1117 all at 1Hz
Step 5. AR Mode is Continuous, and Glonass AR is off, Elevation Mask is at 30 degrees (High mtn area)
Step 6. Setup Survey for Fix, Precision of 0.01 DOP of 2 Max, Dewel time of 15 seconds
Step 7. Collect Points.
Step 8. Pull Logs from Base Unit and CORS
Step 9. Run PPK on Base log to find actuall base locaiton.
Step 10. Shift survey points by the ammount corrected from Step 2 to Step 9.

Does this make sense? its kind of a hybrid of PPK and RTK. Im going to test this out this week at somepoint and see how repatable it is.

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