Sampling rate of Reach RS+ via Wi-Fi and USB

Hi! I am a final year student working on autonomous car research project. I have bought 2 units of EMLID Reach RS+ to be used as an RTK. From what I have read from the tutorial docs on EMLID website, the only way to access the data to computer is through Wi-Fi connection. I have concerns about the sampling rate of the data acquisition. What is the sampling rate we can achieve through Wi-Fi? And can I access the data via USB? How would it affect the sampling rate?

PS. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and I am going to work with Robotic Operating System (ROS)

Remember the units can output different types of data. It seems that you are most interested in current position, not raw-logs etc?

Yes, I am most interested in the current position as we are looking to control the car autonomously

Hi @atwin,

Wi-Fi connection is used to access the ReachView app. Once you did it, you can set up the Update rate in RTK Settings and configure Position output via Serial, TCP or Bluetooth. The way you choose to output your data to a computer won’t affect the update rate.

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