Sample files for RTKLIB

Hello all,

Learning the ends and out of surveying for GCPs. Been reading on the forum for a week all the info provided and still processing. Each day my understanding and knowledge has grown, before I pull the trigger and purchase 2 units (RS+).

With all the tutorials and helpful info from Emlid and forum members I am confident to take my next step in my learning curve and would like to try and process some sample files. Which brings me to starting this topic and requesting members if they could provide sample logs from their units that have not been processed so entry level people have the opportunity to learn process.

Thanks to all for the time to read and hopefully respond.

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Hi Eugene,

Welcome to Emlid Forum :slight_smile:

You can get raw logs for PPK tests from this thread:

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Thank you !

Emlid RTKlib opened on my dell XPS 15 9550 VERY small. Changed the settings to max with slider in win10 for text and application. Did nothing for RTKLIB. Right clicked the .exe and tried changing also. Nothing. My laptop has 4k monitor is there a solutions to adjusting the application size so that it is readable? attached is a screenshot via google drive

Maybe play around with this…

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I have a UHD display and it shows ok for me. I have similar issues from time to time with other applications. Try changing the settings in the screenshot. If they don’t help you can just change it back.


Thanks all for the suggestions, I’ve tried all those solutions and nothing works. When I open the .exe file the program is only slightly larger than two desktop icons. see attached image.

Found a solution. Use my desktop and not my laptop. Thanks everyone for the fast replies. Anyone have any raw datasets that would like to share from North America?

That’ll work. I just found the opposite in my case where my desktop monitor window is way to small. I’ll keep playing with it to see if I can figure it out. Funny thing is that I also have a legacy program that is a port of my data collector software on Windows CE and it comes in humongous.

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