Safety Switch hardware installation for Edge controller

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I am using edge controller for my quadcopter. Is there any option to put hardware safety switch for Arming and Disarming on my quadcopter by using edge controller.

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Yes, you can configure hardware safety switch in QGroundControl.

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Hi Tatiana.andreeva,

Thanks for reply. Yes I can see that using Arming check in qground control station, I can enable Hardware safety switch But,
is there any hardware connection on edge controller to connect safety switch?

There is no special output for hardware safety switch in Edge, however, it may be configured manually with pwm output pins.

Thanks for your quick response. I am new to the edge controller.You mentioned that it may be configured manually with pwm output pins but still I am little bit confuse so please can you brief the steps to do the manual hardware safety switch connection.

I am afraid we don’t have special tutorials or step-by-step guides to do the manual hardware safety switch connection. It will require some programming skills and investigation from you, as it’s not the feature provided out of the box.

For EMLID EDGE wifi module, full HD video and telemetry data both are encrypted ?


WPA2 security is provided for video streaming and telemetry communication.

Hi, For this Hardware safety switch, How to proceed for configuration. If possible, plz guide me again.


We don’t have this functionality working out of the box. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with the configuration process.

As you told that hardware safety switch require some programming skills, which type of programming is required?
Which port is enable for safety switch in Edge pin configuration?


You can configure one of the servo rail pins as GPIO input. Please note that the number of exported GPIO should be calculated as 500 + (n -1) where n is a number of servo rail pin. You’ll need to write the script that can read values from this GPIO pin.

Moreover, you’ll need to rewrite the ArduPilot code to support this pin as a hardware safety switch.

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