RX v1.4 Firmware, The Aftermath

The RX, once its firmware has been updated from v1.3 to v1.4, NTRIP appears to be messed up.

First tests, connected to Office Wifi, and running Emlid Flow v8.8.
NTRIP Profiles screen only shows the endlessly spinning circle.
Survey screen only shows the endlessly spinning circle.
The issue may be related to how Emlid Flow connects with my Emlid account.

The Profile tab started out showing the little red dot


This is the point in the process that caused much uncertainty and confusion. The Emlid Account:



This is the part that is annoyingly stupid. The message implicitly informs me that I’m already in Firefox, which up until this notice, I never would have known.

Open in another app

Would you like to leave Firefox to view this content?

This should be understood as a YES or NO type of question, but then continuing down the not so intuitive path, I stumbled into what now looks like it could indeed possibly be viewed in the Firefox browser:

But now, the message is trying to get me to purchase an app upgrade to the “Survey plan” $480/ year subscription, with the notice at the bottom that I Couldn’t log in to Emlid Account.

After several further attempts and answering the question both ways; i.e., CANCEL and OPEN, and an hour later, we’re still looking at the Profile red dot notice.

Ignoring the red dot notice, the few tests only showed an endlessly spinning circle even though there were some indications of receiving corrections:

Then another Restart the receiver? RESTART, followed by Correction input,

At this point (10:25), it was then somehow possible to + add my credentials and mount point, though I have no idea why I couldn’t earlier, but now was able to do so.

Still the little red dot lingered next to Profile, but not at the top of the Profile screen.

Somehow, again, this is not at all clear to me, I was apparently able to log in to my account (10:29).

Looking at the Account management screen wasn’t particularly informative.

But at least, now (10:31) the dreaded red dot was gone!

And even more to rejoice about, my NTRIP profiles had been restored, while noting the there my last entered MEDOT mount point was also listed.

Did the firmware update from v1.3 to v1.4 upset the apple cart? Was the largely transparent to the user linkage between the Android Emlid Flow app v8.8 and the online Emlid account disrupted?

Can there be any other way for the Emlid Flow app to work with or without always being linked to the user’s online account?

Can NTRIP Profiles be stored on the local device and thereby avoid similar losses?

And lastly, if the linkage is absolutely needed between the user’s device and their online Emlid account, if would be great if there was something simpler and less confusing than the Open in another app? CANCEL OPEN

I just updated the RX and had no NTRIP issues.

The red dot just means the app wants to touch bases with the server to confirm/ or establish account association. When going to the profile tab and tapping on the confirm button, I have had it start a loop that makes no sense. What has worked for me is to select Log Out, and then Logging back in seems to get the air out of the system and it is satisfied.

Flow works just fine without a data connection. Of course, your data will not sync to your account until you re establish the connection. Projects, and NTRIP profiles are stored locally as well as on your account.


@dpitman Thanks Dave!

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