Rx used with Total Station

Emlid Rx on Leica style 360 prism
Using 12d Field Software
Entrip correction via Starlink mobile setup in vehicle


That’s pretty slick !

I’d like to see the comparisons of GNSS position versus terrestrial traverse.

Damn ! Where you at ? In Alaska ?

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Australia… i also sell Emlid gear so I practice what I preach :laughing:


You just need to add the Leica AP20 AutoPole to the mix for that behind the tree tilt shot possibilities! What brand total station, Leica or Geomax?

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Trusty old Leica 1200


Hey @noel,

Looks cool!

I want to hear more about the starlink NTRIP setup if you are interested in sharing. I was thinking of doing something similar. Our Cellular provider is almost useless most days.

Thanks - Ian


A fairly proven system by this point. Lots of info awaiting your Googling.
We use Starlink at our rural home. Works great.


This is my Starlink setup fully contained in case. i use it in motion as well


Slick setup.

I hope to do something similar with Carlson SurvCE and their GPS Search for the robotic total station search. Most GNSS units are too heavy to be worthwhile; the RX looks like it might one of the few that have the right performance to weight to cost ratio.

Being able to switch to using it as a NMEA RTK rover is a huge plus over the other bluetooth receivers (ie. the Dual Electronics XGPS160 is another option but it is bulky, awkward, and cannot be used as a rover. It is cheaper, but you get what you pay for). The RX, compared to an MT1000 or RC-5, is much cheaper and has many more uses.

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