Rx supported controllers

Im looking for controller that works well with Reach RX. I want to buy controller and I dont want to use my phone. Who knows what brand and type of controller is compatible to work with RX and other than touchscreen are buttons controls supported?

There’s several android collectors out there. I bought the Event38 E38 Vivid Android Tablet about 18 months ago. It’s a pretty good tablet, but kinda too big for me. It’s got pretty long battery life. I’ve used it in the field occasionally.


I also have a Tripltek Pro 9. It’s the brightest tablet I’ve ever seen, great for outdoor use in direct sun. It’s a little smaller than the E38 Vivid tablet and is made for outdoor use. It’s well made also and is a more heavy duty style.

Being a land surveyor, I’ve always used field controllers with numeric keys until the android tablets have came out. The controller we use with keys is Trimble’s TSC3 with our S6 robot. I’ve always preferred keyed controllers, I guess because I grew up in this profession since 1972. My favorite of all time was Corvallis Microtechnology MC-V and also their PC-5. Great field controllers for the early years of total stations. The PC-5 also had an MS-DOS operating system and you could program using custom routines with “C” language, brings back a lot of memories using it.

There are several makes of android keyed devices. Here’s one from Javad, but I’ve seen the same style elsewhere. They probably just market them with their name

Good luck


Hi @k_dm49,

Sorry for the delayed comments.

I can hardly recommend any particular controller models. But can share some technical requirements from the software side of integration.

To work with the Emlid Flow app, you’ll need a device on Android or iOS so that you can download the app from Google Play or App Store accordingly. If you’re planning to use 3rd-party software for surveying, make sure they are on Android or Windows. You’ll need to stream the NMEA position from the receiver via Bluetooth to it. More details on it, you can find in these guides: