RX review

What correction type are you select in bluetooth(output)?

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Should be ERB for FieldGenius.

I take the NMEA, the RX does not transmit ERB.

I usually just take the RS2 NMEA profile, as Fieldgenius does not have a RX profile yet. Remember to change the ARP-to-APC height though.

Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Reach RX! Sometimes I feel like it’s just released, so it’s thrilling to see how it’s already used in different countries and setups :slightly_smiling_face: If you have any pictures from your daily work with RX that you’d like to share, we’d love to see them!



If the Reachview app will provide custom codelists and LineStakeout, then you can do 90% of your daily survey tasks with that device.

Both feature codes and line stakeout are in our roadmap, so we’ll make it possible!


I’ve had an RX for about a week now. Love the light weight compared to the RS2, although the heavier weight made it a bit easier to hold steady and straight. The firmware on the unit was a beta version, which I’ve upgraded to version 1. Having an issue getting Reachview on Android to work with our free government NTRIP casters (they work fine with IOS Reachview), but I believe the developers are working on it.

Any experiences with tall buildings or trees?

You will find that GNSS in general struggles with tall trees and buildings.
Even if you get a fix, you will probably need to validate by doing multiple observations with hours apart to account different satellite geometries, and thus different multipath characteristics.

Specifically with the RX, you will likely find that performs equal or better than the RS2 series. The new antenna offers higher gain, but at the same time is more susceptible to multipath (due to lack of a groundplane).

Hi Russell,

Can you please share which NTRIP casters you’ve tested with your Android mobile device?


Reach RX handles some trees or buildings nearby fine. But Christian is right – any GNSS receiver needs at least several clear satellite signals to calculate a solution. So, GNSS units may struggle to calculate their precise coordinates when the sky view is blocked, like in an urban canyon or under a heavy canopy.

Hi Kseniia,

This is the service: https://gnss.ga.gov.au/stream

I believe the dealer who sold me the RX has already raised this issue with Emlid support.


You are right – we’ve received a report about the issue with AUSCORS. Our devs are actively working on a fix for Android right now. I’ll let you know once there is any news about it!

I’ve been testing one for about a month now doing mortgage surveys with it. The RS2’s were amazing addition to our company. The RX has been another great addition as well. Performs just as good. I’ve located 3 and 4 story building with no problems. I can place the unit right on a corner and stay fixed. As long as the buildings are not heavily condensed you should be ok. Only problem I have encountered is the RX disconnects from the ReachView app from time to time for no reason. Just need to reconnect and you will be one your way again.

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Hi Greg,

So cool! Glad to know you have great experience with both Reach RS2 and Reach RX.

Only problem I have encountered is the RX disconnects from the ReachView app from time to time for no reason.

Have you tested it with the latest ReachView 3 version? If so, please share your mobile device model and OS version. It can help find what goes wrong and improve the connection stability.

I have tested with the new ReachView app update that came out with the last week. Still does it but not as much as before.

I’m using an iPhone 14 pro max running iOS 16.0.3


Thanks! I’ve passed the details to our devs. But we’ll probably need some additional info from you to investigate it. If you’re ready to look closer into it with us, let’s move our discussion to another thread to keep the topics separate. You can just create a new thread, and we’ll continue the investigation there.

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