RX does not charge

I’m also looking at an RX that refuses to charge, has no LEDs showing when plugged in, it has not been used in a while, what is the current advice please?

Hi Gary, a couple of things to try if you have not already.

Leave plugged into charger for at least 24 hours.

While plugged into a charger, holding the power button for 10 seconds.

Using USB data cable, plug into a PC. If nothing, try holding power button for 10 seconds. If no joy, try a USBC to USBC data cable to the PC.

Thanks very much for your prompt reply Dave, wilco to all

Hi Gary,

Please let me know in case none of the recommendations help. We’ll look into it, thanks!

What I ended up doing after taking advice from Emlid was taking the unit apart, disconnecting the main board from the battery and then shorted out all the capacitors on the main board and that worked out fine.

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One may understand that Emlid advised you to open the unit and do all of these. However I doubt they did, and doing so just ended the warranty of your device.

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Hi everyone,

Chiming in to say that we don’t support disassembling Reach units. It breaks the IP67 protection, which makes them vulnerable to water and dust. Also, it voids the warranty, since we can’t be sure about the initial root of the issue after that. If you face any difficulties with your receivers, please reach out to us via support@emlid.com or this forum. We’ll be sure to help you out.