RX Disconnecting in Emlid Flow on IOS

I don’t use the RX that often, however over the last few days I’ve been using it extensively on a job. What I’m finding is that it will randomly disconnect in the app, requiring me to change from survey mode to reciever mode, refresh to see the RX and connect to it. I get a fix instantly, so I’m able to get straight back to survey mode, but it can often disconnect from the RX again 20-30 seconds later.

I’m using an AUSCORS station for NTRIP corrections. Baseline is about 5km. I’ve updated the firmware on the RX, changed from WiFi to 4G on my iPhone 12, but I still get these random disconnects from the reciever. It does seem to become less frequent the longer I’m using the app, but it is immensly frustrating when it happens.

Any suggestions for other things to try?

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Hi Russell,

Please try to do the following steps:

  • Test Reach RX with another mobile device if you have one at your disposal. It may show if the issue is related to this iPhone or the receiver itself.
  • Send us the System report from the receiver to support@emlid.com. I’ll check the logs to see if there are any traces of disconnects or probable reasons for them.

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