RV3 Coordinates

A very quick question, does RV3 only store the survey points in the selected reference system or does it also record the raw WGS84 coordinates? All my stuff is packed in the van so can’t try it out myself. We have a project that requires coordinates in both WGS84 and OSGB1936, if it doesn’t we’ll just survey in WGS84 and convert to the latter after.


This is a subject that fascinates me, i would like to know as well 100%

I am under the current working knowledge that your base coordinates must match the datum selected at the rover.

So with your base location set in WGS84 llh, your rover coordinates are now WGS84 with WGS84 selected

or base set in NAD83 llh, rover now works in NAD83 with NAD83 selected

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We have been discussing something similar here… https://community.emlid.com/t/rs2-as-ntrip

Hi Rory,

I just want to confirm that LLH coordinates in the CSV export are in the base’s coordinate system. If the coordinate system chosen for the project is based on OSGB 1936, LLH will be exported in ETRS89.

Hi Kseniia, we always work in ETRS89 as that is the TRF our national reference stations work in. I see the LLH coordinates are exported as well as the ENU, but we just surveyed in ETRS89 and converted afterwards.

Hi Rory,

Thanks for the clarification!

If Reach gets base corrections in ETRS89, you can collect points in OSGB1936 and convert ETRS89 LLH to WGS84 LLH after the survey.

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