Running programs on the Reach

I recently ordered a Reach kit a day or two ago (it’s still in transit). I’ll be working to integrate the Reach rover into a ground rover.

My initial plan is to integrate the Reach rover module with another embedded computing module that would be the vehicle controller, but now I’m wondering if the Edison module can be extended to perform these additional duties. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Specifically, I need the vehicle controller to run a simple control application, and interface with ~8 digital outputs to control the vehicle.

Putting this on a separate controller isn’t a problem, but if the Reach controller has the capacity, and, I wouldn’t interfere with the GPS/RTK functions, then it would simplify the project.

I thought I saw some information on this topic, but can’t seem to find it quickly now.

If this is possible, any comments on the software / integration approach, and any downsides would be appreciated!