RTX and Emlid Reach M+


I am currently working in Africa and will soon do survey flights 30-40 km away from the ground station which is too far for a PPK solution.

I would like to know if it’s possible to connect a trimble RTX GNSS receiver or similar to your Reach M+ system, the goal is to get with a satellite subscription like the Rangepoint RTX a constant accuracy of 50cm or less



Edit : the goal is to get a fully working PPP system.

Hi Benjamin,

Reach M+ accepts industry standard format of corrections such as RTCM2 and RTCM3.

You also can connect to Reach M+ external LTE/3G modem to arrange the Internet access.

So if RTX transmits the standard corrections, it should work. However, I can’t guarantee it without any tests.

Thanks Tatiana,

Sadly the 3G/4G availability in Western Africa is limited to major town, 50% of the time, I can’t even get an edge connection.

The Trimble BD940 can in fact output RCTM2 and 3, but it’s a bit too much OEM for me, do you know about a more friendly, plug and play solution?

Hi Benjamin,

May I ask you to clarify your setup scheme?
Do you want to use Trimble receiver as a base and Reach M+ as a drone rover? How do you want to use Rangepoint RTX in the workflow?

Hi Tatiana

Sorry for the late reply.

Since I will be flying 30km or more from the ground station, I will lose the accuracy on a RTK or PPK setup. I would like to receive the correction directly on the drone via a satellite subscription with a compatible module and then send it to the Reach M+.

The goal is to get some kind of PPP system.

Hey Ben, you will find that the PPK system will drop out at about 22km. This is a limitation of the Reach being L1 only. Even those final few KM will be dodgy. What I do for BVLOS stuff is to place bases along the route so that you have coverage overlap at the 15km point. You have to get out there to place AQ points so why not leave a base to run on one of the points anyway.

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Hi Benjamin,

I’m afraid the setup you described hardly will work.

You can use logs from Reach RS+ local base and Reach M+ rover for PPK. With 20-25 km baseline, it should work without problems.

Thanks you both, and sorry for the late reply, I was away for a long time.

I received a mapping kit already and will soon start some test

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