RTL failsafe not triggered because RTL-switch was already in "ON" position - correct behavior?

Hi folks,

short setup explanation:

  • ArduCopter v3.3 firmware
  • Battery failsafe configured to “RTL”

After turning the RTL switch to “ON” on my radio, the copter returned back home and landed safely. Everything alright. After the copter has landed and disarmed, I switched the second switch to “Stabilize”, while the RTL switch remained in “ON” position.

Then I forgot turn the RTL-switch off again. Shortly after the landing I decided to take off again in PosHold mode (remember: RTL switch still in “ON” position).

The consequence was: the copter did not return to home, although the battery failsafe was triggered (regarding to the dataflash log). The copter remained in PosHold mode, until I turned the RTL switch off and then on again.

Is this a bug? In my opinion a strange behavior, if I had not fly back manually, the copter would run out of battery and crash.

Thanks for answers!