Rtkrcv setup for ntripcli with NAVIO+ and RPi2

Trying to configure rtkrcv.conf with correct settings. Using realtime OS from the Doc website. Got the single mode working and trying to add the NTRIP single station at the Florida Department of transportation ( for more accuracy

inpstri2-type = ntricli

instri2-path =username:password@


This provides no updates and do not get a “corrected” solution. Got the rtklib load from the docs link in github.

Trying to connect via internet connection…

Would appreciate any assistance… newbie in the navio+ world…

Hello James!

First off, make sure your RPi is connected to internet. Can you ping google.com?

The options you posted seem to have a bunch of typos. Did you copy this from the config file?

Those ntrip correction stations may also have a mount point, please check if you need to specify one.
And also, check if you actually receive data in rtcm3 format.

Anyways, here is something that should work
inpstr2-type =ntripcli # (0:off,1:serial,2:file,3:tcpsvr,4:tcpcli,7:ntripcli,8:ftp,9:http)
inpstr2-path =username:password@
inpstr2-format =rtcm3