RTKPOST X64 skip entered base coordinate


I am testing RTKPOST x86 and x64 found below :

https://files.emlid.com/RTKLIB/RTKLIB-Win-x86.zip (2.4.3 Emlid b27)
https://files.emlid.com/RTKLIB/RTKLIB-Win-x64.zip (2.4.3 Emlid b28)

I process kinematic.
Reach RS as base and reach as rover.
My desktop is windows 10 x64.

With x64 release, it always take the rinex header as base station coordinate. No matter if I enter Lat/Lon/Height (deg/m), it always take rinex header…
With x86 everything is fine.
Also x86 is much faster than x64 on my PC.

I am quite new to RTKLIB, can someone confirm x64 b28 do not work proprely ?


This bug with base position is confirmed and a fix is in the works. Regarding the slower speed, there isn’t much we can do. 64-bit version will at least work better with larger files.

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Any idea if the CUI version of RTKLIB is affected? I’m using the following version of rtklib, rnx2rtkp seems to be doing the same thing.

Hi @egor.fedorov, do you have a timeline on a release where this bug-fix will be included?

The fix has been released some time ago, sorry for missing this topic. The links are available in our tutorial.

Hi @egor.fedorov ,
Same versions as I have been using Im afraid (ver.2.4.3 Emlid b28). Was discussing it with @TB_RTK here:

Ignore the first part of the discussion, its on a different topic.
I am running Windows 7, 64bit.
I must have run more than 100 different cases and the %ref pos is always different to the one I specify.


I’ve tested the latest version and could not reproduce this issue. Could you please download the one that’s up in our post-processing tutorial again?

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