RTKPost Memory Leak

I’m trying to post process some data that I have adquired with EMLID’s RTKPost.
My base station was left for a long time and the .OBS file ended up with 120mb. The result was that I cannot do Combined-Pass post-processing. It gives me a memory leak error.

Do you know something I could do about it?

As a quick workaround maybe cropping the base obs file could be a solution?

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This is not exactly a leak, but more like inefficient memory usage. Unfortunately, with really big logs RTKPOST can behave like this. Your best shot is either cut the log by specifying the time, or use a PC with more RAM.

The strange thing is that rtkpost from rtklibexplorer works fine with even bigger logs (600mb+). Your fork works fine with the same log using just the forward pass. It seems more like a bug with the combined solution.

PS: is there some tool to cut the log or should I do it manually on the .OBS?

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