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Per the documentation (https://docs.emlid.com/reachrs2/common/tutorials/gps-post-processing/#processing-in-rtkpost), it doesn’t mention changing frequencies type from L1 to other options.

Question: should we be changing from L1 to other options (such as L1+L2+L5) to reflect the multi-band capabilities of the RS2?

Additional reference: Page 35 on the 2.4.2 RTKLib manual, it describes Frequencies as “set used carrier frequencies” where L1 is single frequency compared to the other selections of dual frequency or triple frequency.

Yep, otherwise you won’t benefit from the multi frequency functionality of the RS2.
L1+L2 should be enough.

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Thanks! Just out of curiosity - when would L5 be used?

Hi cluelessNavi,

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L5 stands for the Galileo E5b frequency band. So, if you enable the Galileo constellation in ReachView and RTKPost and choose L1+L2+L5, the data from the band will be used in the calculations.

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Hi thanks! Got it, thanks for the info!

Hi cluelessNavi,

Sorry for misleading you with the RTKPost notation.

Our multi-band receivers can provide the following frequencies:

  • GPS/QZSS L1C/A and L2C


  • GALILEO E1-B/C and E5b

  • BEIDOU B1I and B2I

In the RTKPost notation, all these frequencies are included in the L1+L2 option. So, with the L1+L2+L5 option enabled, the same data will be used in calculations.

Please note that to convert all data in RTKConv you need to mark L1, L2, and L7 frequencies.


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