RTKPost does not accept rinex 2.11 files

I had to resort to standard rtkpost to get a solution after I forgot to turn on logging on my base station. This is beacuse no matter what I did I could not get the emlid modified version to accept the base data.

Hi Simon, may i test the rove and refrence file?

BaseAndRover.zip (1.8 MB)

in old rtklib I can use suffix .17? to load all three files for the base and still use the reference postiion from the rinex header.

Have you tried deleting rtkpost config file?
I managed to process with all 3 refrence files with Emlid version of rtkpost b27

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Will try that tomorrow, thanks.
That was a survey with the reach on a Phantom 4.
Need to increase the shielding and raise the antenna above the blades
Way too much noise when in flight

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